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    On Thursday, December 15th, the MusicQ Update will bring brand new features, overhauled systems and new events for the musicians in all of us! Get one step ahead of these new features by completing the New Melody quest in Mabinogi to receive a MusicQ Preregistration Pack! We also have a pair of events to get you ready to support your fellow Milletians with applause and good cheer!
    MusicQ Pre-Registration Event
    Event Duration: Thursday, Dec. 1 - Wednesday, Dec. 14
    Event Details:
    Login to Mabinogi and complete the quest "A New Melody" Characters must have a cumulative level of at least 30 to gain the quest After MusicQ arrives on Thursday, December 15, all characters that completed the quest "A New Melody" will receive a MusicQ Pre-Registration Gift Box Players have through Wednesday, December 28 to claim their MusicQ Pre-Registration Gift Box in-game  
    Every MusicQ Pre-Registration Gift Box contains the following items:
    A free Spirit of Tuan (Event) Whistle! 30 Day Rebirth Potion 30 Day Perfect Skill Reset Capsule A Dye Ampoule Gachapon, containing 5 Dye Ampoules filled with the same color 30 Day Style Tab Key
    The Spirit of Tuan pet received from the pack has a summon time of 55 minutes and a 6x10 inventory, and can use the "Whisper of Tuan" ability, doubling your Music Skill EXP and increases the duration of Music buffs!
    Note: Contents of the MusicQ Pre-Registration Gift Box, excluding the Dye Ampoules, cannot be traded
    The Loudest Cheer
    Event Duration: Thursday, Dec. 1 - Wednesday, Dec. 14
    Event Details:
    Gather Firefly Lights by defeating monsters of the same level or higher Use the Handicraft Skill to fashion 10 Firefly Lights into a Cheering Stick Take the Cheering Sticks to one of the four NPC Fans in Festia for a reward! Each NPC Fan will reward you with a different Talent-Specific Skill Training Seal, and you can turn in Cheering Sticks once per day Create and turn in 5 Cheering Sticks to gain a Hero Training Skill Seal (10)! Create and turn in 10 Cheering Sticks for another Hero Training Skill Seal (10) and an event-only Cheering Gesture Card!  
    Cheering Practice

    Event Duration: Thursday, Dec. 1 - Wednesday, Dec. 14
    Event Details:
    Craft a Cheering Stick and make your way to the Festia Stage! At 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM Server Time, if there are at least 20 Milletians present at the stage, Cheering Practice will begin! Join in the cheer and follow the instructions to claim your Cheering Participation Gift Box, containing one of the following items: Straight Glow Stick Heart Glow Stick Music Note Glow Stick Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelet Homestead Props And more!

    Greetings Milletians,
    We know you have lost time during today's issue, so to catch you up and to resume having fun, we will be running Double Rainbow for the next two weekends. If you happened to lose any items during today's issue, please do contact our Customer Support team for assistance.
    Double Rainbow Event
    Event Dates:
    Once game is live, Friday, Aug. 19 - 1:00 PM PDT, Monday, Aug. 22 1:00 PM PDT, Friday, Aug. 26 - 1:00 PM PDT, Monday, Aug. 29  
    Event Details: All players will receive the following bonuses:
    2x Experience 2x AP 2x Item Drops 2x Gold Drops  
    Experience Bonus for Shadow Missions stacks with the bonus from Shadow Crystals and Daily Missions Combat Experience bonus stacks with the Premium Service EXP bonus Skill Training Experience bonus stacks with corresponding Talent Skill Bonus and Skill Training Potions Experience bonus will not stack with 2x Monster EXP bonus from the Summer Hot Days event  
    If you have lost any items due to this issue, please place a ticket with our Customer Support teamand they will be able to assist you further.

    The sun is shining, the water's warm and the GM's are coming out to play! As summer slowly approaches it's end, we're going to be holding a series of parties and gatherings at Port Ceann between Tuesday, August 16th and Friday, August 19th. Check out when we'll be arriving on your server and join us for some nice summer fun!
    GM Beach Party
    Event Dates: Tuesday, Aug. 16 -  Friday, Aug. 19

    Server and Channel Date 1st Appearance 2nd Appearance Tarlach Ch. 3 Tuesday, August 16 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT Ruairi Ch. 3 Wednesday, August 17 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT Mari Ch. 3 Thursday, August 18 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT Alexina Ch. 3 and 6 Friday, August 19 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT  
    Log on to your server at the date and time shown in the above schedule. Meet up with the GM's at Port Ceann in your best beach wear! Bring your friends and your pets to spend some quality time with the Mabinogi Team, and maybe for some surprise treats to boot...

    The Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon is the newest dungeon to hit Mabinogi, but it's not for the faint of heart. The most difficult dungeon to grace Mabinogi yet, you'll need the help of good allies, and plenty of skill, in order to survive.

    Speak to Manus in the Dunbarton Healer's House in order to begin the story and learn more about the horrors within the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon. Enter the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon through the Dunbarton Rabbie Dungeon Lobbywhile using a Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Pass. Fight with up to three of your friends to battle your way through the dungeon. Those who enter the dungeon will receive Wings of the Goddess (Rabbie Dungeon), which must be used to exit the dungeon upon completion.  

    Can only receive the pass through the quest "Reflective Reception" Quest requires a Cumulative Level of 3,000 A party of up to 4 players can enter the dungeon. No Revive Limits. Only one pass is consumed per run.  

    Can only receive the pass through the quest "A Dreamy Story" or by repairing a Mangled Rabbie Dungeon Pass Quest requires a Cumulative Level of 7,000 Can only Revive with Phoenix Feathers, Party Phoenix Feathers or Pet First Aid Kit Cannot use Nao Soul Stone, Pon Revival, Balloon Revival or Advanced Phoenix Feathers. Only one pass is consumed per run.  
    1st Floor: 14 Rooms, all of which must be completed to advance to the 2nd floor. 2nd Floor: 3 Rooms. Complete the first room quickly, or you'll be unable to advance to the powerful bosses that follow!  

    From Succubus Fiends: Succubus Fiend Wings From the Succubus Queen: Succubus Queen Full-cover Bodysuit Succubus Queen Half-cover Bodysuit Succubus Queen Minimal Bodysuit Succubus Queen Gloves Succubus Queen Boots Succubus Queen Wings The same rewards listed for the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Mirror World Additional Chance for the Following: Blacksmith Manual -  Soluna Blade Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Mana Conjurer Enchant Scroll: Arc Lich Exlcusive Enchant Scroll: Allegory Enchant Scroll: Sniping Enchant Scroll: Uncomfortable Enchant Scroll: Owl Enchant Scroll: Vigorous Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Knocking Enchant Scroll: Strange Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Frozen Enchant Scroll: Icicle Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Dreamlike Nightmare Guard's Relic Deformed Ring Frame Subtle Mark Firm Blade Fragment Amplified Alchemy Crystal Magical Golden Thread Magic Essence Chaotic Rune Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Apathetic Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Burlesque Enchant Scroll: Arcane Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Absolute Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Foretold Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Backbreaking Awakened Strength Crystal Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Contradicting Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Genius Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Resistance Solite Lunite Fate Fragment Duskblade  

    A new Sword can be crafted: The Soluna Sword, weilding the power of the Sun and the Moon to destroy your foes! Gather the following items to create this peerless blade:
    From the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon: Blacksmith Manual -  Soluna Blade Solite Lunite Fate Fragment Duskblade From the Alban Knights Training Ground: Solite Lunite Fate Fragment Dawnblade  
    Guaranteed One of the Following: Red Upgrade Stone Blue Upgrade Stone Guaranteed One of the Following: Purified White Dust Refined Catalyst Restorative Powder Distortion Powder Chance of the Following: Enchant Scroll: Vicious Enchant Scroll: Nostalgic Enchant Scroll: Sparring Enchant Scroll: Palm Tree Enchant Scroll: Tournai Enchant Scroll: Inconvenient Shattered Black Metal Ruptured Black Metal Incomplete Seal Emblem Awakened Strength Fragment Cleansed Mage's Gem Forged Weapon Piece Destroyed Seal Chain Shining Crystal Shard