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  3. I keep a doodled form of this note guide on my desk when I compose, since my sight reading is absolute crap. When limited to E1-E7 (lute range), it fits pretty well on a note card. Add a few things about key signatures (D-flat major: everything flat but F and C), and I'm pretty much good. This is, of course, a minimum for me because I understand rests and other basic notation. Maybe with a few more pictures it would work as a universal cheat sheet?
  4. Ah this is perfect, I loved his theme and meeting him in the game. He is a fun character!
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  6. Amazing outstanding Version of my favourite Victory theme
  7. Persona 5 - Last Surprise

  8. song request piano+Female vocal
  9. Does the tunnel of life seem brighter or darker as you get older? o.o;

    Profile Song: Dreamin' by Feldberg

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  10. The chorus was a nice touch, not often that people implement chorus well.
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