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  3. Please write more music from Made in Abyss! that anime's OST is amazing and I wish i could honestly play every song from it in mabinogi orother games that support MML

  4. Please more Made in abyss music, like 2 months!
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  7. Years back when I last played Mabi, a buddy of mine downloaded a collection/library of MML files. They aren't mine but hopefully someone can get some enjoyment out of these melodies once again. YIC Mabinogi MMLs.7z
  8. Kinda first time posting a Request, though i like to get this song Mabi if anyone able to, i tried to get the intrumental version of it but idk if the link worked properly or not (if not i'm sorry)
  9. Xenoblade 2 - Incoming

  10. Cytus - Saika

  11. Castlevania 3 - Riddle

  12. Touhou 7.5 - Demystify Feast

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  14. i don't understand how to play a guitar or read music... but this is actually probably an easy request as the song writer actually put down the cords for the song and this is the vid if someone needed to confirm if the song sounds right he's also got a ukulele version as well
  15. I agree, it needs to be developed more, we cant forgo the important access to the MML code. Also some of the extra/new features that were discussed at some point, would be nice to be added.
  16. So...I returned to Mabi one more time.

    Lets hope it makes me wanna stay.

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