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  4. I like the song. It's actually my favorite from GC. And you did great coding it. But, well I just prefer it with a slower tempo, I guess. This is too fast for me to really get the feels over.
  5. alright, thanks for the help.
  6. Same situation as Omnicity, but my main is Telmes on Ruairi. Currently on definite hiatus until further notice, unless I ever feel the need to play again.
  7. Currently they aren't attainable yet, despite being able to be previewed in the in game composer UI. We do have access to the tuned variants though, which sound the same as their festival equivalents and can be obtained by using handicraft. You'll need a tuning kit from the musical math dungeon and the instrument you want tuned, though not all instruments can be tuned. Only the flute, whistle, violin, cello and their milky way versions can be tuned as of this moment.
  8. Just got back into mabi after a long hiatus, and I noticed on this site some songs have instruments like a "festival mandolin", where can I get my hands on one?
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  10. Thanks for the cello song. That was definitely my favorite OST from nise. Thank you for bringing it to mabi.
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  12. Honeyworks - Ima Suki ni Naru

  13. Kimi no na wa OST - Date

  14. Loved it, gal! I used to listen to this song often a long time ago.
  15. Thanks to whoever still looks at my transcriptions on MuseScore. I appreciate it.

  16. Or, we, as composers, should actually test this stuff out in-game instead of publishing it on a whim. Then we can truly notice something is wrong, and fix it ourselves.
  17. Canon Arr

  18. Spongebob - Gary come home

  19. Wait. that isnt fully right. 3MLE is showing what SHOULD happen. It is Mabi itself which is unable to handle two sounds in the same instrument using the same note. 3MLE actually is the broader program, letting us see what should happen, with same or different instruments. It just happens that mabi works with different instruments, and fails to do so (in purpose or by dev mistake) for the same instrument. It isnt 3MLE's fault at all. We, as composers, should treat this "detailed" way of the notes showing, as a feature, and make sure to adapt the songs to mabi limitations (examples, the 1200, 800, 500 length of songs, and this specific issue mabi has)
  20. Spongebob - Living in the sunlight

  21. Earthbound - Pokey Means Business

  22. Detektivbyrån - hem Ljuva Hem

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