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    • Phantasima

      Finally back on to upload MMLs  mwahaha! Still not playing Mabi though  haha

    • Kimcheolsu  »  Kyubeii

      I'm a fan of you - Holy shit that profile song scared me...- Kyubeii. Your music in-game is good, and so are the ones I see you composed on here, so when I see your stuff I'm like "ohhh I wana try this" and a lot of the time it's good.

    • Sphyra21

      Recently found out that the Fireflies score I posted here was plagiarized by another player on my server. Now I understand that sharing MMLs like this makes one very susceptible to this happening and at first I wasn't sure whether I had the right to be angry/upset seeing as the original midi was not mine but freely provided. But as a good friend of mine pointed out: I put a TON of work into that particular piece. It took HOURS to edit, splice, and shrink the midi down to the size I got it to without sacrificing the key points of the song. The only way anyone can get this specific edit of this midi is from me via mabibeats. I have no problem with people reposting my MMLs SO LONG AS they give credit where it is due and do not repost it as their own. Just changing the instrument to be used does NOT make it your own piece.
      As such I am now putting the following in the comment section of EVERY MML I upload or have uploaded:
      "Original Midi by/from: [Name goes here]
      Edited and coverted to MML by: Sphyra21 (IGN Sphyra)
      Please DO NOT repost ANYWHERE without giving credit where it is due! Reposting without giving credit is plagerism! DO NOT REPOST AS YOUR OWN WORK PLEASE!"
      Please and thank you

    • Lachesis

      New project:
      All Touhou games Title Screen Themes.
      Probably will begin from the latest and go back in time.
      At least Touhou 1 is done already (A Sacred Lot)

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