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Hi guys, my name is Burningleos, but you may also call me by my ingame name, KidKaiser, or by my youtube name, KaiserBeats, I am a remixer and arranger of music from video games, and I am kinda new into the use of MML, as I mostly tend to convert MIDI files into a MML Format for it to be playable in Mabinogi


Despite my newbie abilities in the use of MML, I create awesome arrangements on my youtube channel, here are a few examples of stuff I had done in the past


What do you think of my arrangements? Pretty neat eh?


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3 hours ago, aecus said:

only ever played an n64 kirby game because it was sort of arcady and fun

but i was like 4 years old so i dont remember any of the music.

and i dont tend to listen to kirby music in my spare time.

but they sound good so its fine.

see the pattern here?

its unintentional.

but works.

Ah, It makes sense, I played Kirby 64 back when my grandma was still alive, was playing the n64 since I was 4, but since she passed away, so did the n64... I had alot of good games on it, kirby 64, smash bros, and ocarina of time were a few I remember playing the crap out of


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