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    Do you feel lucky? The Magical Bingo Gachapon is here to put your fortune to the test! Each Gachapon contains a random item, as well as a number for the mystical item on the Magical Bingo game board that can unlock some truly fantastical prizes. Check it all out below.
    Magical Bingo Gachapon
    Sale Dates: Thursday, Jun. 16 - Tuesday, Jul. 5
    Magical Bingo Gachapon (1) Magical Bingo Gachapon (11) Magical Bingo Gachapon (55) Price:1,200 NX Price: 12,000 NX Price: 45,000 NX  
    Sale Details:
    After purchasing a Magical Bingo Gachapon, click on the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the Magical Bingo screen Click on the Magical Bingo Gachapon icon to open the Gachapon. It will reward you with a random item from a massive selection, as well as unlocking a random number on the game board Unlock all the numbers in a row or column to get the noted item Unlock all the numbers on the board to claim the Bingo Grand Prize Box, letting you choose from six different Butterfly Wings! You can Reset the board, clearing all the numbers and resetting the potential Bingo items. Everyone has 3 resets to start with, additional resets can be purchased for 1 Pon each
    Significant Potential Rewards Include:
    The Grim Reaper Outfit Set (Male and Female) Magical Glamour Outfit Set (Female) Magical Illusion Outfit Set (Male) Music Box Prop Pitch Black Axia Wings Scarlet Axia Wings Pitch Black Archangel Wings Scarlet Archangel Wings Black Cupid Wings White Cupid Wings Red Cupid Wings Turquoise Cupid Wings Sapphire Cupid Wings Scythe That Reaps Darknes Black Star (Black Glittering Dye) Dowra's Golden Gun (Golden Glittering Dye)
    Bingo Grand Prize Box Contents:
    Complete your entire board and select your favorite Butterfly Wings!
    Black Butterfly Wings Pink Butterfly Wings Azure Butterfly Wings Burgundy Butterfly Wings Emerald Butterfly Wings Yellow Butterfly Wings


    Crafting is so much easier when you don't have to actually find the mats. NPCs have come to towns across Erinn, their packs full of all sorts of raw materials, ready to give everyone a boost to their crafting prowess. Even Fine materials can be obtained through these helpful little entrepreneurs, so get ready to put your life skills to the test!
    Life Skills NPC Shop Event
    Event Dates: Thursday, Jun. 16 - Tuesday, Aug. 9
    Event Details:
    New NPCs can be found near crafting locales across Erinn. Find them at Dunbarton's Upgrade Anvil, Bangor's Furnace, Emain Macha's Spring Wheel, Taillteann's Oven and Dugald Aisle Logging Camp Each NPC sells basic Life Skill materials, with no limit on the number of Basic Materials that can be purchased NPCs also sell Fine Material Boxes for 20,000 Gold, each containing a random Fine Material. Only a limited number of these boxes can be purchased per day. Additional tools have been placed next to the new NPCs to make crafting a breeze!  

    Fine Material Box Contents:
    Each Fine Material Box contains one of the below stacks of Fine Material:
    White Herb (x20) Antidote Herb (x20) Poison Herb (x20) Mandrake (x20) Fine Silk (x10) Finest Silk (x10) Fine Leather (x10) Finest Leather (x10) Fine Fabric (x10) Finest Fabric (x10) Fine Firewood (x10) Finest Firewood (x20) Wood Board (x5) Gold Mushroom (x1)

    Double-time it, Milletians! On Thursday, June 16th we're launching a brand new event to help you train up multiple talents at the same time, swapping talents out on the fly and gaining even more exprience to power you up as fast as possible. Take a look at the details for the Extra Talent Event below!

    Extra Talent Event
    Event Dates:
    Start: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Jun. 16 End: Start of Mantenance, Thursday, Aug. 11
    Event Details:
    Click on the icon to the right to select a second, Bonus Talent Both the Bonus Talent and your Main Talent will be considered active during the event Bonus XP will accumulate for both talents Change your Bonus Talent at any time, no need to Rebirth! During this event, all players, regardless of their accumulated levels, will be able to Rebirth once per day!

    There's always so much to do across Erinn. Vicious monsters to defeat, grand battles to be won, epic pies to be baked... we're unleashing a new event to reward you for all the big and little things you do in the world of Mabinogi. Rebirthing, Completing Dungeons, upgrading weapons, just leveling up... there's plenty of missions to complete and a wealth of prizes for doing so. Check it all out below!
    Mission Point Event

    Event Dates:
    Start: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Jun. 16 End: Start of Mantenance, Wednesday, Jul. 20  

    Event Details:
    Open up the special Mission Point Event menu in bottom-left corner of the screen to see your assigned Missions for the Day, Week and Month 10 Daily Missions will be assigned each day, and reward 30 Points each upon completion. Daily Missions that are not completed will expire and be replaced by new Daily Missions at the start of the next day at 7:00 AM PDT. You can Reset 3 Daily Missions each day, negating any progress made and randomly selecting a new Daily Mission to undertake. 7 Weekly Missions will be assigned each week, and reward 100 Points each upon completion. Weekly Missions reset at 7 AM PDT every Saturday. 5 Monthly Missions will be assigned and reward 300 Points each upon completion. These missions will remain active until the end of the event. Go to the Point Shop to spend the accumulated points on a wide variety of rewards!

    Event Rewards:
    5,000 Points: Loose-fit Knitwear (F) 5,000 Points: Syncretic Tattoo and Jeans (M) 4,000 Points: Meryl Wig (M) 4,000 Points: Romeo Wig (F) 2,500 Points: Midsummer Night's Dream 2nd Title Voucher 1,500 Points: Snapback 600 Points: 25x Skill Training Seal 250 Points: Special Tendering Potion S 200 Points: Midsummer Potion Support Box 200 Points: Midsummer Training Potion Support Box 120 Points: Midsummer Mission Reward Box  


    Midsummer Mission Reward Box Contents:
    Each Random Box contains one item from the below list, selected randomly:
    Loose-fit Knitwear (F) Loose-fit Knitwear and Stockings (F) Syncretic Tattoo and Jeans (M) Simple Jeans (M) Snapback Midsummer Night's Dream 2nd Title Voucher Red Upgrade Stone of Protection Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection Rice Paddle Triangle Kimbap Hat Cheeseburger Hat Squirrel Mascot Head Rabbit Mask Carrot Muncher Rabbit Mask Blue Upgrade Stone Red Upgrade Stone Skill-Specific Training Seal Support Box Skill Training Potion Surprise Box Special Tendering Potion S 5x MP 100 Potion 5x HP 100 Potions 5x Stamina 100 Potion AP Potion 3x Wound Remedy 100 Potion SE Magic Power Potion Special High Speed Gathering Potion Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion Combat 2x EXP Potion (30 min)

    We will be holding a pet race in Iria and you are all invited! If you wish to join the pet race, please post your IGN, server, and pet of choice. Please see below for more details!
    How to Participate:
    Post your IGN/Server and the pet you will be racing in the announcement thread on the Mabinogi Forums We will be doing the race in groups of 10, on a first "post" first race basis The race will be taking place across the Longa Desert in Iria (Exact location will be shared the day of the race in the announcement forum thread) You will be given an item at the start of the race and whoever reaches the end trades the item to a Mabinogi Team member The first person to trade their item at the end will move on to the next round The winners of each race will continue to race each other until we have our final three winners Submit your race entry by Thursday, June 9 at 12:00 PM Pacific  
    Mari: 6/9 @ 4 PM Ruairi: 6/10 @ 6 PM (Will be streamed on Twitch) Tarlach: 6/13 @ 4 PM Alexina: 6/14 @ 4 PM  
    1st Place Winner: A pet of their choice and 25,000 NX 2nd Place Winner: A pet of their choice and 15,000 NX 3rd Place Winner: A pet of their choice and 5,000 NX