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    Hi all,
    You can read more information about the opening of the site, on the Starbards site itself but i just wanted to make you all aware that the site is now available, and open to accepting ABC Music submissions. For any of you that play Starbound, and play music in Starbound i look forward to seeing you on there as well!
    *NOTE - Your MabiBeats login DOES work on the StarBards site, you do not have to re-register!
    Starbards Site

    October is here and this month is synonymous with costumes, and changing your appearance! Now your Partners can participate in all the fun with Partner Appearance Changes! All you have to do is summon your Partner, and make them over. Simple, easy, and fun! 
    Partner Appearance Change
    Feature Start Date: Monday, Oct. 5 

    To get the fun started, simply summon your Partner and follow these steps! 

    Step 1) Right-click on your Partner and select the new option Change Partner Appearance. This is conveniently located at the top of the menu! 

    Step 2) Go through and select the changes you want to make to your Partner's hair, eyes, face, and mouth. The possibilities are virtually endless! When you've picked your perfect Partner attributes, click the Change button. 

    Step 3) The Partner Appearance purchase window will appear after you select the Change button. If you're satisfied with your choices, click on the Purchase button and done. Your Partner is now made over! 

    Note: The Partner Appearance Change feature currently affect Maid and Butler Partners only.

    An all-in-one kit has arrived to Mabinogi that will help you to quickly refresh your wardrobe! The Erinn Beauty Box contains fan favorite items, and even all new coupons for Eyes, Mouth, and Hair! If you're particularly lucky, you may even get a Starlet Wig Crystal Ball, or a Crusader Wig Crystal ball, which contain an entire set of wigs! Complete your fall makeover with the Erinn Beauty Box! 
    Erinn Beauty Box
    Sale Dates: Monday, Oct. 5 - Tuesday, Oct. 20 
    Erinn Beauty Box (1) Erinn Beauty Box(11) Price: 1,500 NX Price: 15,000 NX
    Erinn Beauty Box Details

    When you open up an Erinn Beauty Box you will receive 3 items randomly! The three items are: 
    A Random Appearance Item A Random Eye Beauty Coupon A Random Mouth or Face Beauty Coupon  
    Appearance Items
    Rare Crystal Balls
    Starlet Wig Crystal Ball Contains all of the following: Starlet Silver Brooch Wig Rose Blossom Starlet Wig Sweet Ribbon Starlet Wig Starlet Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Crusader Wig Crystal Ball Contains all of the following: Avelin Wig Altam Wig Talvish Wig Brilluen's Wig Brilluen's Horn Wig Altam Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
    Starlet's Wig Starlet Silver Brooch Wig Rose Blossom Starlet Wig Sweet Ribbon Starlet Wig Macha's Wig Girl's Wig Avelin's Wig Altam's Wig Talvish's Wig Count Cookie Wig Count Cookie Hat & Wig Brilluen's Wig Brilluen Wig and Horn Macaroon Mistress Wig Macaroon Mistress Hat &Wig Kitsune Ninja Hagi Wig Tanuki Ninja Anju Wig Shaman Wig (M) Shaman Wig (F) Eirawen Wig Ronin Wig (M) Ronin Wig (F) Sporty Layered Wig Sporty Layered Wig & Glasses Refined Medium Wig Neat Half Ponytail Wig Elegant Long Straight Wig Elegant Long Straight Wig (Glasses) Juliet Wig Shylock's Wig Antonio's Wig Bassanio's Wig Eirawen's Tiara Wig Lugh's Wig Refined Medium Wig & Glasses Neat Half Ponytail Wig & Glasses Ninja Hagi's Wig Ninja Anju's Wig Romeo Wig Portia's Wig Tybalt Wig Hamlet's Wig Hamlet's Scarred Wig Millia Wig Kitsune Ear Wig Tanuki Ear Wig Dowra Wig Cessair's Heart Wig Maike's Wig Tarlach's Wig Halloween Frankenstein's Wig Ophelia's Wig Laertes's Wig Paris's Wig Mad Paris's Wig Edern Wig Berched Wig Glewyas Wig Waboka Wig Admiral Owen Wig Sinead Wig Arzhela Wig Kusina Wig Annick Wig Figure Skating Wig (F) Odran Wig Pierrot Wig Pierrot Wig-Hat Elegant Hanbok Hair Witch Scathach Earrings and Wig Scathach Wig Scathach Earrings and Wig
    Hats and Accessories
    Propeller Headband Droopy Dog Ear Headband Folded Dog Ear Headband Bear Ear Headband Sheep Ear Headband Majestic Stag Headband Transparent Hat Snowflake Hat Snowflake Hairpin Witch Scathach Earrings Scathach Earrings Eirawen's Tiara Royal Headdress (F) Starry Bunny Headband 5 Furry Bunny Headband 5 Leather Bunny Headband 5
    Eirawen Outfit Cessair's Commander Boots Portia Shoes Hamlet's Caped Costume Witch Scathach Shoes Cessair Commander Gloves Snowflake Coat Snowflake Dress Bassanio's Shoes Cessair's Commander Outfit Transparent Gloves Transparent Shoes Avelin Armor Altam Armor Talvish Armor Avelin Gauntlets Avelin Greaves Altam Gauntlets Altam Greaves Talvish Gauntlets Talvish Greaves Witch Scathach Outfit Scathach Outfit Scathach Shoes Snowflake Boots Snowflake Shoes Ophelia's Costume Millia's Exploration Gloves Romeo's Costume Romeo's Shoes Juliet's Dress Juliet's Shoes Maike's Outfit Maike's Boots Ophelia's Shoes Laertes's Costume Laertes's Gloves Laertes's Boots Lugh's Armor Lugh's Vambraces Lugh's Greaves Karis Wizard Suit Karis Wizard Shoes Hamlet's Costume Hamlet's Boots Hamlet's Gloves Antonio's Costume (G15) Antonio's Shoes Bassanio's Costume Eirawen's Shoes Odran Outfit Odran Gloves Odran Shoes Admiral Owen's Marine Uniform Admiral Owen's Open-Finger Gloves Dowra's Outfit Dowra's Bracers Shylock's Shoes Millia's Exploration Outfit Millia's Exploration Boots Bear Shoes Bat Boots Sewing Pattern - Rosemary Gloves
    Altam Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Starlet Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Macha Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Maike Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Romeo Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Hamlet Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Laertes Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Tybalt Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Paris Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Mad Paris Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Berched Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Glewyas Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Halloween Frankenstein Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Millia Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Dowra Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Cessair's Heart Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Girl's Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Ophelia Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Sinead Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Half Updo Beauty Coupon (M) Two Block Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Sporty Cut Beauty Coupon (M) Long Sideburns Beauty Coupon (M) Straight Medium Cut Beauty Coupon (M) Mushroom Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Warrior Hair Beauty Coupon (M) Soft Perm Beauty Coupon (M) Medium Sideburns Beauty Coupon (F) Short Wavy Perm Beauty Coupon (F) Boyish Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Ribbon Hair Beauty Coupon (F) Wavelet Twin Tail Beauty Coupon (F) Girlish Twin Tail Beauty Coupon (F)  
    Eye Beauty Coupons
    Rag Doll Eyes Beauty Coupon Innocent Bright Eyes Beauty Coupon Unfocused Eyes Beauty Coupon Observant Eyes Beauty Coupon Determined Eyes Beauty Coupon Serene Eyes Beauty Coupon Stargazing Eyes Beauty Coupon Heart-filled Eyes Beauty Coupon Starlight Eyes Beauty Coupon Emaciated Eyes Beauty Coupon  
    Mouth and Face Beauty Coupon
    Mischievous Cat Mouth Beauty Coupon Playful Teasing Mouth Beauty Coupon Dissatisfied Mouth Beauty Coupon Super Sour Mouth Beauty Coupon Cute Animal Mouth Beauty Coupon Airy Cheeks Mouth Beauty Coupon Vigilant Mouth Beauty Coupon Small Animal Mouth Beauty Coupon Shooting Star Face Beauty Coupon (M) [For Humans/Partners] Shooting Star Face Beauty Coupon (M) [For Elves] Shooting Star Face Beauty Coupon (M) [For Giants] Shooting Star Face Beauty Coupon (F) [For Humans/Partners] Shooting Star Face Beauty Coupon (F) [For Elves] Shooting Star Face Beauty Coupon(F) [For Giants]

    We've heard your feedback! To show our appreciation, here's a few special treats to kick start our Spooktacular month in Mabinogi!
    2X Life Skill EXP
    Event Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 7 – Tuesday, Oct. 20
    Mastering combat skills is great, but no fantasy life is complete without Life Skills. Everyone deserves to learn them, and the 2X Life Skill EXP Event is the perfect opportunity for you to show some of those under-used Life Skills a little love! Not only will you get double the experience, but you can stack 2X Training Potions and any Talents that provide a 2X Life Skill bonus for an even more rewarding event!
    2x AP Weekend
    Event Dates: Thursday, Oct. 8 – Monday, Oct. 12
    No matter if you are new or a veteran Milletian, everyone can use more AP, either to rank up a few of your tougher skills or just get a head start on your newest talent. Get that jump start and finally master those skills with this double AP event!
    100% Repair Event
    Event Dates: Friday, Oct. 16 – Sunday, Oct. 18
    Your strength is only as good as your equipment, and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is the key to surviving in Erinn. During the event period, you'll receive a 100% repair job at any NPC who does repairs! Give your weapons a new life with a full repair.