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    A Golden Box of Delights full of treats just for you has arrived! This box is filled with four amazing items that you can obtain all at once, but you must be quick. Like all good things, this box will come to an end in five days! Get all of the treats and none of the tricks with the Golden Box of Delights! 
    Golden Box of Delights
    Sale Dates: Thursday, Oct. 8 - Monday, Oct. 12 

    Golden Box of Delights Price: 8,000 NX
    Golden Box of Delights Details
    The Golden Box of Delights will give you one of each of the following: 1 Sealed Skilled Training Seal  
    1 Perfect Skill Reset Capsule  
    1 Rebirth Potion  
    1 Super Gold Combo Card Pack
    When you use the Super Gold Combo Card Pack, a random card is auto-slotted into your Combo Card Tab (found in your Character Info UI). The Super Gold Como Card Pack will generate of the following cards upon use: 
    Special Gold Combo Card: Warrior Skill Bonus: Smash Special Gold Combo Card: Archer Skill Bonus: Magnum Shot Special Gold Combo Card: Alchemist Skill Bonus: Water Cannon Special Gold Combo Card: Mage Skill Bonus: Icebolt Special Gold Combo Card: Fighter Skill Bonus: Charging Stike, Spinning Uppercut, Drop Kick Special Gold Combo Card: Puppeteer Skill Bonus: Act 1: Inciting Incident Special Gold Combo Card: Gunslinger Skill Bonus: Flash Launcher

    Only one Combo Card can be active at a time, regardless if it's a Gold Combo Card or regular Combo Card Once the Super Gold Combo Card Pack is used, the received Gold Combo Card will expire after 10 days

    Hi everyone, as you can see the site has been updated but i was just finishing up a few things before making a news post. Most things you will be able to see for yourself.. But here is a short list.
    Website & Forum Updates
    - Halloween banner in effect until October ends. - New Forum Skin.o Ability to change page background by clicking the paint brush in the top right. - Forum posting has been fixed in all the forums. - Pinned topics, and normal topics are now clearly divided by a separator. - When viewing the topic list for a forum, a column has been added to show the topic rep count. - Mabinogi Information profile fields have been changed to a hover tool tip in topics. - Signatures have been enabled, but the options vary per group. Stipulations listed below in spoiler. - Max Rep you can give per day now varies per group. - PM Restrictions now vary per group. - Spoiler button added to the editor. - The music hall "main" listing page has been slightly condensed for a better viewing experience. - Comment tab in submissions disabled, in favor of only having a review tab. (Less confusion) - The MabiBeats 3ML Version has been updated to V2 (Change log can be found on download page) - Various bug fixes, and QOL changes i am probably forgetting to mention.  
    - You can now access our network site by a shortened url of TBNT.win - New network bar running across the top to link to our other (under construction) sites. - Easy to access Network Status button. (Page is not Finished) - Login Handler changed, to allow synced registration and logins across all of our sites.o Ex: If you registered on MabiBeats you are already registered on AnimeGrid, and StarBards  
    New Group Enhancements Information
    Information about signatures, rep, etc in the spoiler below

    Shopkeeper's everywhere are overwhelmed by the surplus of reforging tools they've ordered, but their mistake is your gain! All of these extra Credne's Reforging Tools and Fine Reforging Tools are on sale and MUST GO! Shopkeeper's are also making Refined Reforging Tools available for a limited time. Hurry up, these amazing deals will not last forever! 

    Sale Dates: Friday, Oct. 2 - Sunday, Oct. 4 
    Refined Reforging Tool (1) Refined Reforging Tool (11) Refined Reforging Tool (35) Price: 1,350 NX Price: 13,500 NX Price: 40,000 NX   Credne's Reforging
    Tool (1) Credne's Reforging
    Tool (3) Credne's Reforging
    Tool (5) Price: 3,600 
    2,520 NX Price: 10,000 
    7,000 NX Price: 15,000 
    10,500 NX   Fine Reforging
    Tool (1) Fine Reforging
    Tool (11) Fine Reforging
    Tool (35) Price: 1,350 
    945 NX Price: 13,500 
    9,450 NX Price: 40,000 
    28,000 NX
    Refined Reforging Tool Notice: Does not increase the number of reforging effects Reforging stats depend on where the item is equipped. Different stats also have different possible maximums If you reforge multiple times, the existing reforging effect might end up the same or lower

    Strange Cat and Shamala are up to some tricks! Just before the month of costumes and candy Shamala's Transformation Box, Shamala's Hero Box, and Strange Cat's Suspicious Box (formerly Strange Cat's Gachapon) are going on sale! It's time to collect some second titles and transformation medals to turn into some of your favorite characters! 
    Strange Cat and Shamala Box Sale!
    Sale Dates: Wednesday, Sept. 30 - Tuesday, Oct. 6 
    Shamala's Hero Box Shamala's Hero Box 
    (10)+1 Shamala's Transformation Box Shamala's Transformation Box 
    Bundle Price: 1,300 NX Price: 13,000 NX Price: 1,300 NX Price: 9,990 NX
    Strange Cat's Suspicious Box Strange Cat's Suspicious Box
    (10)+1 Price: 1,500 NX Price: 15,000 NX
    Shamala Hero Box Details
    The Shamala Hero Box has returned, allowing you to continue collecting transformations in your journal! If you get a medal you already own, you can trade in your duplicates for transformation medal coupons, and save up 3 coupons to trade for a different transformation medal! 

    Featured Transformations Include:
    Cichol Morrighan Little Huw Simon Mysterious Cat Hot Spring Monkey Bean Rua Doorman Bean Rua Employee ...And many more!  
    Shamala Transformation Box Details
    The Shamala Transformation Box has also returned to aid in your quest to complete your Collection Journal! This special box features transformation AND gestures! 

    The Shamala Transformation Bundle includes 9 Shamala's Transformation boxes and one unique Shamala's Special Box. This box has a surprise, which NPC from Erinn will you transform into? 

    Featured Transformations Include:
    Witch Scathach Succubus Kristell Andras Gertrude Human Scathach Rua Romeo Lileas Malcolm Pierrick
    Featured Gestures Include:
    Splat Shiver Clumsy Cutie Jump Collapse Gasp Toady Wahoo Rage Crossed Arms Look Around Formal Greeting 2 Cheer
    Strange Cat's Suspicious Box Details
    Strange Cat is offering up some of his personal goods in the Strange Cat's Suspicious Box. Each Strange Cat Gachapon contains a special NPC 2nd title or a pair of Spirit Weapon Wings! 

    NPC 2nd Titles:
    Nao Morrighan Ruairi Juliet Merchant Imp Fleta Pan Portia Duncan Cichol Nuadha ...And many more!
    Spirit Weapon Wings:
    Female Sword Spirit Wings Male Sword Spirit Wings Female Bow Spirit Wings Male Bow Spirit Wings Female Wand Spirit Wings Male Wand Spirit Wings Female Blunt Weapon Spirit Wings Male Blunt Weapon Spirit Wings Female Cylinder Spirit Wings Male Cylinder Spirit Wings
    Hello all, 

    At this time, we recommend against installing Windows 10 as there may be unforeseen issues which could prevent you from playing Mabinogi. 

    We have already begun extensive compatibility testing and are working diligently with our development team to introduce an update for the game that works with Windows 10. However, as with any new major software update, it may not be fully supported for at least a few weeks. If you do choose to upgrade to Windows 10, please be aware that intermittent problems may occur, including your game ceasing to launch or function properly. 

    If you run into an issue with Windows 10, please submit a ticket at https://support-mabinogi.nexon.net/hc/en-us and provide the following information under the Technical Support form selection: 
    Date of the incident: Error code: Operating System: Screenshot:
    Also, we would recommend that you attach a dxdiag report to your Customer Support ticket, as that would provide more detailed information to help us diagnose the issue. However, please do NOT post your dxdiag report in the forums, only in your Customer Support ticket. 

    To create a dxdiag report
    1. Click the Windows logo on your Task Bar.
    2. Type “dxdiag” (without quotes) within the text bar at the bottom, and hit "Enter" to open dxdiag.exe
    3. Click on “Save All Information…” and save the file to your computer.
    4. Click the “Exit” button to quit.

    We will provide updates as they come along, and thank you for your understanding.