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  1. I haven't used it myself but Couch and a few others were reporting that you could edit with it, but at the moment it seems to be only visual editing such as dragging around the notes and clicking to add one. I think there is a request currently to enable/add access to the actual MML Code as well.
  2. I'd like to point everyone to this MML Editor here: https://github.com/fourthline/mmlTools/releases It does have English Translation, this was pointed out to us by BTC in our Discord. We did not fund this development, but it is open source and 410 commits deep already. I am going to reach out to him and see if we can use our raised money toward this instead and support his continued work. It does have a higher limit for tracks and instruments already than 3mle does and you can see octave 0.
  3. Wow nice, I really like these!
  4. hi @LittleChibs, can you try now?
  5. I understand the concerns, and I will keep trying to look for someone reliable for a program instead of web based. It is just going to take longer is all.... I have befriended some of the programmers at the software company I work at. I may be able to ask some of them and see if they can help us.
  6. I am considering on taking another approach since I seem to be having trouble getting this written in C#. It might be actually easier at this point (relatively speaking) to make it a Web App instead. Using something like Node or Ruby + Vue and Angular on the front end. Would anyone actually have objections to this? The benefit is it is always up to date, the downside it if you don't already have it loaded/open in a tab you couldn't use it if offline. But we could replicate the features of 3mle in it, and even use the API to connect it to MabiBeats directly. Submit straight from the composer, or load music from it.
  7. 285
  8. Welcome to the community! There are some great guides you can follow in the guide section on our forums that our members have wrote.
  9. Thank you for making this guide! Pinned it.
  10. Nice, thank you for sharing this!
  11. Ah this is perfect, I loved his theme and meeting him in the game. He is a fun character!
  12. So gooddddd.
  13. I responded in PM, but I am still not sure what you are talking about when you say "People have to pay to keep the site running", I pay for my servers/websites out of pocket and almost always have. There have been a few exceptions in the past but the volunteer staff have always helped with that. If you are talking about the donations we received on the sidebar, that is for an actual program for composing mml. Software like 3MLE, it has nothing to do with the site software.
  14. You chose to leave discord, no one banned you lol.