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  1. Beat. tempo. All perfect
  2. Best use of vocals i have heard in a long time
  3. Yo fail to the bot to the fail woo nice profile song

    1. aecus


      its pretty savage right

  4. Oh Lordy lol
  5. I never really was a combat person I could do it and do it well but music is my strong point, I'll look into it fala ty
  6. .......
  7. I'd like to see some of you recreate this theme. Either solo or jam (piano and harp jam) good luck. And I shall know the weight of your skills, for, can you bring equilibrium? If you do it well I might consider making a monthly challenge for our members to test your composition skills. Sincerly, Viersell Averos Your welcome. listen to my take on it., at my profile by listening to my profile song
  8. So the reason I have been gone is, because my pc died and as of now I don't know when I'll be able to get it fixed and return to mabi composing. But I wanted to at least say why I have been gone.
  9. Senpai has beat me and I'm proud he did
  10. KURAMOFOMAVII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. KuramaVII
    2. Viersell


      read ur pms here i sent you a pm

  11. I have been noticing that some songs in request and fulfilled are being put in fulfilled and closed when not all the requests are met, Example Wolfyboy's FFXIV request had 2 songs Answers and Fallen angel only one of them was fulfilled the other was not. a request was made for a Hatsuni Miku boos theme song thing, and it was never fulfilled yet it's in fulfilled there is more but I'm not gonna list every single one out. Not trying to pick or or be rude or anything, but PLEASE make sure when you are closing a topic from requested that ALL requested are fulfilled not half done as it looks bad on us in the site and in game as well. so if only one song is done then please make a new thread for the finished one and close that and leave the not fulfilled one in the requested as it's Still a active request. thank you in advance.
  12. while it is good, it could use a break from all mando's like a pinao or cello or harp or lyre something, I play FFXIV daily the drumming of the mando cords is where u lost me. thats why u need to break it from 3 mandos to 2 with a piano or cello or harp etc.
  13. as someone who plays FFXIV from Beta till now, I greatly like this jam very much you clearly thought about it and planned it well, the instrument choices are well blended. the mando and cello combo is my favorite in this by far, the tuba at parts can be a lil lower but other then that its well done. nice use of the roncadora as well.
  14. how is this fullfilled? i dont see a reply to this at all or a code or anything as far as i can see this is still open
  15. FFBE: Brave Exvius Main Menu Theme (A Moment Of Recall) Piano/Harp and or Jam Piano, Cello, Harp FFBE: The Ancient Life Jam Harp, Cello, Violin, Flute, Piano Solo Harp or piano FFBE: Rain In The Forest Mando Trio: Mando Piano Cello Mobius Final Fantasy (MFF) Tabibito No Tasogare Piano MMF: Mareno Theme Piano MMF: Chapter 5 Over world Theme Mando (FC if possible) or Piano Please help bring these wonderful tracks to Mabi and play them with me.