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  1. I'd do it myself, but I figured someone else can just do it since I've kind of lost my "touch" in 3MLE. All performed instruments (piano, cello, violin), vocals substituted with flute or whatever sounds best.
  2. Can I request a name change to Bran? Or does it have to be a Mabi IGN?

    I retired Omnicity.

    1. A_Dirty_Couch


      I gotchu fam.

  3. Thinking about translating two showcases from a song book with VK's music, but I'm not sure if I will.

    Whether the people on the discord agree with me or not, I really don't belong on the site anymore so I'm on the road to truly quitting. It's not like I had any significance anyway. My MMLs were and still are trash, and at the end of the day I just composed for fun.

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    2. opalthira


      If you're trash then what am i? :aty:

    3. Bran


      @opalthira Not trash? lol
      It's not like you or anyone else is bad at composing. It just takes time and effort, and I guess some musical knowledge but I don't think that's as necessary. Honestly though, it's just listening to a song and then adding t#'s and v#'s to make the MML of said song sound nice... and getting the notes right, etc..

      @Nhikki2 I appreciate your words. Honestly, I'm harsh when it comes to performance and things that I create, so in regards to my MMLs... well, lets just say that I always end up criticizing the final product. Regardless though, I'm happy knowing that I've had some people who became a fan of what I've submitted, and knowing that my MMLs were played at least once by other people. If you were one of those inspired to compose, know that (like all hobbies, jobs, etc.) it just takes time and effort to become well at what you're doing. Even I didn't start out as some pro when it came to editing the midis I imported into 3MLE. I was confused on what I was looking at for about half a year before I signed up to the site.

    4. opalthira


      I never make anything. When i do, It's to update my guide on the forums that think no one looks at anyway.
      Plus at this point I have to make a sheet music guide when meanwhile i can't even read sheet music. But i'm gonna try anyway.
      Whether you choose to make music or not i'll still support your decision either way.

  4. Not planning on playing again anytime soon, but... | | v
  5. Finished my piano transcription of the BGM for the former Beauty Shop that was removed with the introduction of Aces. You can find it here.

    Showcase coming soon.

  6. Look out for a showcase and a transcription either by the end of this week or early next.

  7. tfw you keep getting sick, and it's not due to allergies.

  8. oh hey, it's my two year anniversary on this site. lol

  9. Well, that's... quite sad to hear. I thought chat would still be a little active after I left.
  10. I felt like I was the most annoying person in the Discord since I talked so much, so I left in case someone was planning to get me banned... which wouldn't surprise me. Honestly, this community just isn't for me now that I think about it. I just stood out far too much in a way, though I can't really explain how. I'm guessing that the WIP looks great though. I'll just wait for the finished product to release, whenever that will be.
  11. I won't be able to see the progress. RIP
  12. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's not like I really make playable MMLs anymore, so it doesn't matter to me. lol
  13. Nevermind, it's published by and that launcher kills your internet connection.

    Edited by Omnicity
  14. I definitely don't know what to compose anymore, not that it really matters nowadays. lol

    1. Telmes



    2. Falaflame


      I have things to compose, but I can't really pull myself to do them.

    3. Ivy


      i can always give you some hints if you wanna do something badly lmao