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  1. Wait. that isnt fully right. 3MLE is showing what SHOULD happen. It is Mabi itself which is unable to handle two sounds in the same instrument using the same note. 3MLE actually is the broader program, letting us see what should happen, with same or different instruments. It just happens that mabi works with different instruments, and fails to do so (in purpose or by dev mistake) for the same instrument. It isnt 3MLE's fault at all. We, as composers, should treat this "detailed" way of the notes showing, as a feature, and make sure to adapt the songs to mabi limitations (examples, the 1200, 800, 500 length of songs, and this specific issue mabi has)
  2. It was sold.
  3. Persona 5 - Blooming Villain

  4. Persona 5 - Rivers in the Desert

  5. Atropos11- Mari Looking forward to set up and participate in concerts c:
  6. Pokemon X/Y - Battle! Rival

  7. Submitted some pokemon themes recently, looking for some more new stuff to work on.

    Also, attempting to see which people here play on

    Mari server often, to attempt to organize into making concerts together and such.

  8. 283. I wonder if this ever will break 500 XD.
  9. Something which I have wanted to do long ago, I would like to know which of us plays Mabinogi, in which server. that, to get people on the servers which dont have too much musical organization (read: not Alexina), to organize ourselves into hanging out more often. Example: Character Name- Server Alt Name- Alt Server
  10. Contact me in-game for discussions about a deal.
  11. Any interest in modifying our site itself, so it doesnt need the need for asking for adobe? Or other way to not have to change the chrome settings every time? (maybe my PC is wrong in not remembering the setting) point is, it shouldnt need a special setting.
  12. Pokemon X/Y- Gym Leader Battle