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  1. Love this so much <3
  2. 288
  3. Was just listening to one of my own I had uploaded awhile ago. Once Upon A December - Anastasia
  4. 286
  5. Love this song and the game <3 Good job
  6. Love it. I was just playing Vindictus the other day also.
  7. Loved the song, though I feel the tempo is just a tad slow. Try it at 140 and see? Played too much snes growing up and this is wonderful <3 Also in my opinion, I believe the Lute would fit a lot better with this :3
  8. I was so happy when I found Next Order it brought back so many nostalgia points that I want to play the first Digimon World again. Though its easier in Next Order since they don't die as easily now I had such a hard time keeping mine alive when I played it when I was super young haha
  9. Loved it
  10. Loved it
  11. Loved it. Wish I could read sheet music. Or learn how too
  12. Love it
  13. Love this now I want to go back and play this game, though I'm stuck in some level that I keep trying to pass but cannot. :c
  14. It's good, could do a bit better since some sounds like its mashed all up at once. Either way wonderful song, ever hear Mog's Theme from 6? Loved that song too since he is a moogle :3