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  1. (insert polite greeting here)
  2. if you are having any problems with jam parties, from what i can gather it is because you have auto play on.
  3. only ever played an n64 kirby game because it was sort of arcady and fun but i was like 4 years old so i dont remember any of the music. and i dont tend to listen to kirby music in my spare time. but they sound good so its fine. see the pattern here? its unintentional. but works.
  4. tbh i forgot you could pm him...
  5. i feel like this should have been posted in discussion not off topic.
  6. ib - puppet

  7. Ib - la folia

  8. Madoka Magica - Magia

  9. use the party menu to enter jam session and it is guaranteed successful play.
  10. are you insinuating that people from nexon actually read forums?
  11. making playable mml is difficult now unless you have a jabchiel score ._.
  12. this is also the reason you may see alot of hamelin tuners out there for sale, dont recommend buying them.