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  1. This game's OST is amazing, and I would love to play it in mabi. If anyone could compose it, I would be very happy. Here's a link to how it sounds.
  2. xvamp1 - Alexina
  3. alright, thanks for the help.
  4. Just got back into mabi after a long hiatus, and I noticed on this site some songs have instruments like a "festival mandolin", where can I get my hands on one?
  5. Hey there, I really love the soundtrack from Jojo, and I would appreciate it if someone composed this. Thank you. Here's the song below.
  6. Thank you, I hope I can make plenty of friends here, and I look forward to submitting more songs.
  7. Hey, I only just recently made an account here, and so far everyone here seems pretty nice. Can't wait to get to know everyone here. Also, if you're up for playing some mabi with me, go ahead and add me.
  8. Cave Story - Gravity

  9. Yes, it was very useful. I'll use this too, and hopefully I can start uploading some songs here.
  10. Thanks! I'll be sure to use this.
  11. Hey, I'm completely new to 3MLE or composing songs as a whole, and I just want to know how do I actually turn a midi file into an MML, especially if it has more than 3 tracks? Apologies if there's already some thread for this, I'm still completely new to this site, and 3MLE.
  12. Nostalgia!