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  1. lol Yeah.
  2. I get it. I just wasn't sure what it would fall under so i did off topic. And i didn't even think of PM so thanks for that.
  3. Hey Yas. I wanted to tell you I do a bit of developing and I know my stuff pretty well. However, I'm by no means versed in MML. If i knew MML well enough I'd totally set you guys up for free. I love this site, man. Keeping it up and running would be payment enough, lol. Would you like me to try and pick it up and learn MML for you? I really hate for people to have to pay just to keep the site running right. Lemme know and I'll see what i can do.
  4. lol i'd love if you'd help me get r1. I understand if no tho
  5. Last one for me was Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Didnt get it offa mabibeats and i dont remember where i actually did get it from. LOL
  6. Stays correct so well!! I love it!
  7. Close up the note spacing a bit and it'd be better. Like in those spots where there's supposed to be music, but there's a pause instead.
  8. I desperately need Broken Seal Chains for a project. If any of you have any, please let me know. I don't have the money to pay much for them, so you'll be giving out of the goodness of your heart.
  9. Ah Gotcha. It's cool.
  10. tbh,You're probably right.But then again,it still makes me feel good i suppose.
  11. The site owner keeps visiting my profile for some reason,lol. But why?
  12. As you listen to my new profile song, keep in mind that i dress like the 1920's American Mafia in real life, lol.
  13. I watched the video. Hm Skeleton with one blue eye... Sounds incredibly familiar... Needless to say,It was SANS-ational.
  14. Thanks for the rep,lol.I dont really deserve any of it.

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    2. GahaibeNarwol


      Lol nope. All i do is write reviews because i wont be able to get composing past level 7 anytime soon.No one ever seems to want to help either,so that sucks.

    3. danilo227


      o;; what server you on


    4. GahaibeNarwol



      Not many helpers on Tarlach

  15. Wreck-It Ralph was so good.That's where i heard this originally.It's a good transfer of the song.