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  1. This is actually pretty good transcription of one of my favorite themes from the KH Series!
  2. I loved this song in warframe, even though it has been sometime since I played warframe, but hearing it now in mabi makes me wanna go back on it, anyways, Its a good take on this song of the theme for your character revealed outside your frame (and its quite the plot point around the reveal of the grineer queens and that the owner of the PVP covenent is actually someone working for the queens)
  3. This is okay, but i noticed a few of the notes are a tad low in pitch, but at least you added the remaining part of the song, I only did the first part of his theme under my version
  4. Ah, It makes sense, I played Kirby 64 back when my grandma was still alive, was playing the n64 since I was 4, but since she passed away, so did the n64... I had alot of good games on it, kirby 64, smash bros, and ocarina of time were a few I remember playing the crap out of
  5. Thank you, I'm surprised you haven't played any of the games as shown above
  6. Hi guys, my name is Burningleos, but you may also call me by my ingame name, KidKaiser, or by my youtube name, KaiserBeats, I am a remixer and arranger of music from video games, and I am kinda new into the use of MML, as I mostly tend to convert MIDI files into a MML Format for it to be playable in Mabinogi Despite my newbie abilities in the use of MML, I create awesome arrangements on my youtube channel, here are a few examples of stuff I had done in the past What do you think of my arrangements? Pretty neat eh?
  7. Kirby 64 - Rockstar Map