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  1. this is incredible and sounds almost exact to the original! Great job! \o/
  2. SHK - Death Moon

  3. Could someone do this song as a jam band, and have the singing parts used as the song skill please? Thanks
  4. Beautiful! I love it, great job as always!
  5. I'm not sure if theres a Midi for this song yet, but if someone manages to make this into an MML i will love you
  6. oh god yes just when I thought MapleStory 2 couldn't get any better.
  7. Took you long enough to join, Maggs.
  8. Won't she still cancel even with a higher ranked everything?
  9. I hear a lot of different songs in my server, and sometimes a few of the same ones. I can't really name "the song", but I'd say "the song" would have to be some anime opening or something. I still see newbie players, who seem like they just started barding because they can make any song. They seem to play overrated anime songs, like SAO songs. So yeah, I'd say "the song" would be some sort of overrated anime song.
  10. The preview sounds beautiful, I'm gonna set up another jam band and do the other Undertale Jam Bands I didn't do from you. I hope you don't mind if I post them on youtube, and my tumblr.
  11. I hate her, and her curvy lasers. Damn you, Shou! Good job on her theme!
  12. I love it, to be honest when I asked you to do Touhou 12 this is the song I wanted the most out of all of them
  13. I doubt a solo is possible for this one as well, but if it is that'd be great. If not, I'll take a jam band of it c: thanks~
  14. Really great job! Thanks a lot for making this MML so quickly, it sounds perfect. At some parts with the harp it reminds me of Blumenkranz from kill la kill