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  5. So what? That doesn't mean it's not a bug. That doesn't mean it's not detrimental to the sound. That doesn't mean it's evident to people who don't already know. It's still a bug. It's still detrimental to the way the music sounds. It's still not noticed until the person takes the MML and plays it in Mabi (as 3MLE's preview does not cause it). (And even when people are affected by it they might not even know what's wrong and thus how to avoid it.) If the new composer is going to be better and easier to use for making MML for use in Mabinogi, then the preview should be more accurate and it should not assume that every person using it is experienced enough to handle everything themselves. If the preview isn't going to emulate the bug, then there should be a warning when note overlap is detected. Just like 3MLE warns you when the composition would be impossible in Mabi (due to going over the R1 Composing limits).