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  1. O my laptop broke down with all my mml files Ill start redoing the song lol
  2. Always liked this song but never knew name. Ill take a gander at it but it'll prob take me a bit long b/c of skool. o3o
  3. meh
  4. Dope.

    Imma steal all of em


  5. I'm currently working on this version during my free time. Josh's version actually seems better for me since I transcribe via E-piano to Midi (MML), but I might as well finish what i started. EDIT: Welp someone beat me to it
  6. Breaking the market one bait at a time

  7. RIP Trinity prices :(

    1. Falaflame


      That's good for me. I can finally get a Trinity set without having to break the bank.

  8. I'm here to steal your songs and call them mine.


  9. This song is too cute! (and sad q3q) Can anyone try making this into an mml? I'd very much appreciate it!
  10. Are you still in need of a transcription? Someone already did one o3o.
  11. In 3MLE, the tempo of all tracks follow the latest tempo change. My tip is to treat each instrument(3 tracks) like a new score. You have to match one score's tempo with another or they won't synchronize in-game. Whenever you place a tempo change on one instrument, make sure you place one on your other instruments as well.
  12. MML@v9l8o1gb>df+r2<a>c+ear2c-df+br2c-df+b<a>df+b<gb>df+<gb>df+<a>c+ea<a>c+eac-df+bc-df+bc-df+b<a>c+ea<gb>df+<gb>df+<a>c+ea<a>c+eac-df+bc-df+bc-db>c+d<bf+<bgb>df+<gb>df+<a>c+ea<a>c+eac-df+bc-df+bl64<gb>df+4.r16r<f+a>c+e4.r16rl4<gg8gg8gaa8aa8abb8bb8bb2r2gg8gg8gaa8aa8abb8bb8bv7>def+av8l8ddddddddeeeeeeeef+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+f+2r1r1r1.r.l4.v6b>df+b2.,v13c+c-8f+1.r8c+c-8f+1.r8c+c-8f+.a8be.dc+<ba8f+.r1rn49l8b>f+1.rc+4c-f+1ra4e4f+2rc-4f+e.d.c+<b.a.f+16a16b4r1.>def+2.def+2&f+ef+af+1b2a4e4f+2.def+2&f+ef+af+1l4daf+bv11l8n61bf+n61bf+n61bn61bf+n61bf+>c+ef+ec-f+ec-f+ev9l32<f+a>c+f+4.&f+8rv8l8e.f+.er16.d2&d&d32c+<br16.v7l4.a&a8ef+a2.r32b2,r64v7<c+c-8f+1.r8c+c-8f+1.r8c+c-8f+.a8be.dc+<ba8f+.r1rn49l8b>f+1.rc+4c-f+1ra4e4f+2rc-4f+e.d.c+<b.a.v9l16f+al4br1.r8.r32.dd8dd8dee8ee8ef+f+8f+f+8f+f+2v5>aev9<dd8dd8dee8ee8ef+f+8f+f+8f+gab>c+l4.<<ggg4aaa4bbb4b2r8r2l32o4df+a>dr2.r8<<a>c+ear1.rr43r4.rv6f+2.; It's not the entirety of the song and kind of rushed, but PM me any changes that you want. I used an E-Piano + Midi Adapter to write out the actual song so it might sound like it's missing some parts due to mml's restrictions. o3o